Cosmopolitan magazine has been around in the market since 1886.

How the Internet Helps in Building a Cosmopolitan World
How the Internet Helps in Building a Cosmopolitan World

Cosmopolitan Success and Its History

The trending happenings, events and fashions for women can always be seen in magazines, such as Cosmopolitan.
Cosmopolitan is a worldwide magazine suitable for the needs of women. In 1886, it was initially published in the United States as a family magazine and it was finally changed in a fictional magazine. Moreover, Cosmopolitan was ultimately became a magazine for women in the late 1960s. It also called as Cosmo and its content as of 2011 involved articles on women's relationships, issues, careers, sex, health, celebrities, self-improvement, as well as fashion and beauty. Hearst Magazines published it and it has 64 global editions, is distributed in over 100 nations and is printed in 35 languages.
Cosmopolitan magazine has been around in the market since 1886 with its initial publication by Schicht & Field. With a circulation of 25,000 by 1888, it was fine on its way to become a famous magazine today. The magazine was sold to E.D. Walker and John Brisbane in 1889 that turned it to literary magazine. By 1892, its circulation increased to an astonishing 75,000. The magazine has above an impressive 2,000,000 circulations in the United States alone.
Numerous critics of Cosmopolitan have formed various thoughts about this magazine. Some enjoy, while some dislike it, but about everybody has opened it. Furthermore, this is filled with various tips and hints about relationships, careers and beauty. Nowadays, a lot of young women turn to the magazine’s contents for assistance on how to change themselves into a better person.
Personally speaking, there are indeed a lot of readers Cosmopolitan has and I am one of them. I find it addictive to read, especially for tips and advices that are available in this magazine. Aside from that, it only tackles about beauty, but also the other concerns of most women.
In general, Cosmopolitan has a great history background and how they are started as a family magazine. As time passes by, they find their place in fame, as they offered great insights about several issues in women. Definitely, this magazine is one of the most read magazines in the market.

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