If you want to partake in the Cosmopolitan Magazine, then you need to know the basic guidelines to become their guest writer

How the Internet Helps in Building a Cosmopolitan World
How the Internet Helps in Building a Cosmopolitan World

How to Partake in Cosmopolitan Magazine as Writer

Cosmopolitan Magazine is available for women aging between 18 and 35 years old. According to Writer's Market online, Cosmopolitan is for young women for whom fashion, beauty, career, fitness, personal growth and relationships are top main concern. Home, lifestyle, celebrities and nutrition are other interests reflected in the writing lineup of this magazine.
Furthermore, the editors of Cosmopolitan also ask that potential writers to contact them only after gathering writing examples from other domestic publications and showing their skills. Present editorial wants include how-to articles, book excerpts, opinion pieces, personal experience stories and humorous essays. Thus, if you want to submit an article to this prestigious magazine, then you need to follow some guidelines.
First, you need to read numerous issues of Cosmopolitan Magazine to be ensured you are acquainted with their style and the kind of articles they have. You can also search for patterns from many different issues to see if you have a knowledge that will suit their writing style. Articles must concentrate on high-end fashion, dieting tips, relationship quizzes and beauty ideas. Of course, you also need to note the length of articles.
You also need to look for past issues of Cosmopolitan to be ensured the article you have proposed has not been written about in the previous years. Write a request letter to the editors and illustrate the story or article you have written, or will like to write. In this request letter, you can tell the editor a little about your article as well as the sources you have as references.
Of course, you also need to submit a summary of your proposed article and the expected word count. If you are submitting it for a particular column, you can include that detail. You need to write in a style that will fit the needs of Cosmopolitan magazine, with cool words and indication of knowledge with regard to the world of a fashion-minded young woman.
As for my opinion, you can also detail your background as a writer and say other domestic publications where you have partake in. Also, include your degrees and credentials that apply either to your skill or to the theme on which you will like to write.

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