There are ways to modify your address in your account in Cosmopolitan to be able to still get the latest issues of their magazine.

How the Internet Helps in Building a Cosmopolitan World
How the Internet Helps in Building a Cosmopolitan World

How to Modify Your Address in Your Cosmopolitan Account

In case you have a magazine subscription with Cosmopolitan Magazine and you transfer to another place, you will have to modify the address they have on file. Although relocating may be tiresome and difficult, modifying or updating your subscription in this magazine must not be. Cosmopolitan provides clients the simplicity of modifying their address on the internet.
Browse through your web While you scroll down to the base of the page, you will see Customer Service. You simply need to click Customer Service and you will be transported to the Customer Service section of the website. Here, you are able to sign up to various newsletters, modify or update your email address or home address, and report difficulties with your subscription.
Next, you can login to your account together with your email address, zip code and account number, or your complete mailing address. You will need to makes use of the mailing address you registered with. Simply click Change Your Address and it is situated on the left hand side of the webpage. Adhere to the requests to modify or update your mailing address with Cosmopolitan Magazine.
By doing this, you can change your previous mailing address to your new home address and be sure that you will still get all your subscription letters, magazines and other promos from Cosmopolitan Magazine. Aside from that, you can be certain that you will acquire the latest issue of their magazine to your new mailing address.
So, you see if you will not modify your address, you will miss all the latest issues and even newsletter from this magazine. If this happens, you will only waste your subscription and your opportunity to get the latest one. Thus, changing your address information in your account in Cosmopolitan is definitely the best thing that you can do after relocating all your things to your new house.

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