Cosmopolitan has been in the market for several years and it continues to provide insights about women and their passion

How the Internet Helps in Building a Cosmopolitan World
How the Internet Helps in Building a Cosmopolitan World

Why Cosmopolitan Magazine is a Best Selling Magazine

Cosmopolitan Magazine, which was originally a family magazine, is now a magazine which is meant mainly for female readers, and is popular for several reasons. First, it has many interesting articles which caters to its target readers, mainly young, professional women, also known as “yuppies” or “Young Urban Professionals,” as well as housewives. The artwork of the magazine is also colorful and attractive, so reading the magazine is a pleasurable experience. It also contains many unique advertisements which advertise many products and services which are meant to be read by the target reader.
Most of the readers are young, professional women and housewives, but some high school and college students as well as senior citizens also read the magazine. The magazine is also a high end magazine which caters mainly to the “A” class (Upper Class), “B” class (Upper Middle Class), and “C” class (Middle Class) readers.
There are many kinds of articles printed in this magazine. There are articles about love, sex, dating, relationships, marriage, career, food, cooking, fashion, celebrities, and showbiz gossip. Most of the articles are so interesting that once the reader starts reading the article, she has no choice but to read the article until the very end in order to know the conclusion of the article. The articles are interesting and well written by the editorial staff, as well as its contributing writers. The magazine has many article writers which contribute articles on a regular basis, and who are experts in their field.
Cosmopolitan Magazine comes in 2 formats: first, there is the printed version, which is sold in bookstores, newspaper stands and magazine stands. Then, there is the online version, which is posted in the internet website: Traditionally, the printed version is the more popular version, because anyone can read the magazine anywhere, and it does not require a computer with internet access in order to read it. However, the viewership of the online version is also increasing, due to the increase in the ownership of personal computers, as well as the increasing number of persons with internet access.
Cosmopolitan Magazine is an American English-language magazine that is predominantly sold in the U.S., but it also has international versions. The most popular international version is the UK version, which is sold in the United Kingdom. There is also a European version, an Asian version, and an African version.
Cosmopolitan Magazine has many competitors competing for readership. There is Vogue Magazine, Esquire Magazine, The New Yorker Magazine, and Sports Illustrated Magazine. However, despite the stiff competition from these popular magazines, the Cosmopolitan Magazine is able to acquire a sizeable percentage of readers which enables it to remain viable and profitable for the long term.
This magazine is recommended for young women as well as female senior citizens who are looking for magazines which have a variety of entertaining and informative articles. A six month or one year subscription to this magazine given to a loved one is an excellent gift, and is highly recommended.

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